Michelle is Fallon’s ray of sunshine

Michelle arrives at The Mill hungover and tells Karen she was out last night with weather girl Fallon McGee. Best friends at school, Fallon and Michelle haven’t seen each other for years and Michelle tells Karen that Fallon has since turned into a total cow. When Fallon turns up with Michelle’s lost jacket, Karen suggests the pair go for lunch.

Over lunch, Michelle asks Fallon why she was off with her last night and Fallon gets defensive and leaves. Back at the Mill, Michelle is looking at photos from the night before on a social networking site when she sees something of concern as heads to Fallon’s work, where Michelle tells Fallon she knows she’s self-harming.

When Fallon crumbles during her weather forecast, Michelle reassures her and Fallon manages to regain control. Michelle then tells Fallon she’ll help her deal with her problems.

Also, Julia helps a geeky student win over the girl of his dreams.

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