Michelle is given a wake-up call

Michelle is being shown around Housman Ward for soldiers, where she meets amputee Andy Millet, who rams his wheelchair into a door in frustration. As they talk, Andy’s confrontational manner scares Michelle, until she’s rescued by Anna. But just as Michelle is about to leave, Andy finds her and apologises, saying he has down days sometimes.

Despite Imogen and Rob’s cynicism, Karen insists that Jack has a surprise 19th birthday party but Imogen’s ears soon prick up when Karen mentions inviting Jack’s old friend – and Imogen’s first crush – Gaz. Karen then ends up having to bribe Jack to have ‘birthday tea’ with the family the next day.

After their invitation to Jack’s party, Cherry confesses to Simon that she has a crush on Jimmi but wonders if he feels the same way…

And Charlie’s called to investigate when inquisitive pensioner Elsie Pringle believes her neighbour in her sheltered accommodation has gone missing.

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