Michelle is rocked by Steve’s proposal

Michelle’s impressed by Steve’s calm reaction to his money worries, but privately he’s not handling it so well. Elsewhere, Tony tells Liz he’s just sold the house he bought for Eva and Jason and could use the proceeds to pay Steve’s tax bill, but they agree not to tell Steve yet. When Steve arrives home, Michelle’s stunned as he proposes marriage. The timing all wrong, Michelle lets him down gently…

Gail takes Bethany to the salon to help Audrey, who’s sympathetic as Bethany pours her heart out about her miserable life in Italy. Audrey sings Bethany’s praises to Gail and explains she’s really unhappy in Milan.

Faye remembers Tim’s old flat over the corner shop and suggests to Craig that she could give birth there. She distracts Sophie while Craig steals the keys and they go to inspect the flat.

Sean and Billy compete to recruit volunteer butlers for Billy’s charity auction.