A miserable Michelle tells Will that Steve can’t even be bothered to come home for her 40th birthday. Will confesses he’s thinking of calling off the wedding as he still has feelings for her. Although taken aback, Michelle admits she feels the same way – then immediately dashes off feeling guilty. Meanwhile, Liz tells Sean that Steve’s planning to fly home and surprise Michelle on her birthday.

After Alya pleads Gary’s case, Sharif relents and tells Gary he’s happy to continue working with him if he conducts his other business away from the gym. When Dev explains that it was Alya who talked Sharif round, Gary thanks her and it’s obvious they have feelings for one another.

Sophie and Johnny are worried when Kate’s phone rings and her face falls flat. She tells them Caz has been involved in an accident and they’re bringing her home.

Phelan puts pressure on Jason to submit a tender for the Freshco project. Chris is bemused to discover Liz’s daughter-in-law is about to turn 40, so Amy sees a way to make a quick buck. Eileen refuses to let Todd back home.