At Housman, Chris passes his final assessments. He goes to see Jess, who asks him about what happened to her, and an uncomfortable Chris starts suffering from chest pains. Michelle and Anna presume they are due to stress, so Michelle takes Chris out to the pub.

At the pub, Chris is asked for a photo for the local paper of a war hero, but he flips out and leaves. Michelle follows him and Chris blurts out that he left Jess for dead; instead of helping her, he ran. He asks Michelle to leave but she just holds him as he cries.

Back at Housman, Anna tells Chris she also ran away; ran away from her work on the frontline so she could hide at Housman – she’s scared too. However Anna, who can’t keep his secret, goes to tell Barker. The Colonel tells Chris he won’t receive his medal but he will be able to stay in the army. Barker explains to a shocked Chris that he has learned from his mistakes and that they need him. Michelle and Chris say their goodbyes.

Also, Heston asks Karen if Immie can go on holiday to Italy with him. Karen and Immie are excited but when Heston asks Rob his response is ‘over my dead body’. He finds it disturbing that a middle-aged man would want to take his daughter away.

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