Michelle lets rip at Kate

Kyle is getting frustrated that things are still tense between him and Kate. In need of a mate to talk to, he finds himself opening up to new housemate Michelle. But when he later finds out that she had a go at Kate for her one night stand, Kyle starts to worry that Michelle is too interested in his life. How long can he put up with it?

Sonya is really down in the dumps. She’s convinced she’ll never own the community garden. But she can’t mope about forever, so she tries to get on with her life. She’s thrown, however, when Toadie makes a big announcement. He’s been approved for a business loan… but only if he’s agreed to take on a higher-paying job at a firm in the city. Sonya is torn but eventually decides to accept Toadie’s offer. She’s convinced it’s what Toadie really wants. But as he closes his office for the last time, is Toadie really as happy as he’s making out?