Michelle makes a horrifying discovery

Michelle agrees to let Ryan go back to school but only if he is escorted to and from the premises. When Lloyd drops Ryan off at school he sees the stalker’s car and he decides to follow him home. Lloyd gives Michelle the address and she decides to storm round there and confront him. Michelle is stunned when the door is opened by a 15-year-old boy who is the spitting image of her late partner Dean…

Sarah is getting more and more wound up as the family praise David for turning himself around. David is smug about Sarah’s fury and Sarah is even more determined to bring him down to earth.

Tony turns up at the factory to take Carla to lunch, but she tells him she has to mind the factory while Liam is out. Tony won’t be put off that easily and he tells the factory workers that they can have the afternoon off for Christmas shopping! Tony soothes Carla’s worries about getting behind on the work when he reminds her that the girls are working on his orders and he will pay for any losses.

Also, Dan finds a copper to report Blanche for stealing pens at the bookies and is surprised to find that’s it’s Abi.

*Second episode*

Michelle panics after seeing the teenage boy who is a look-alike of her Ryan’s dad Dean and she runs through the possibilities. Michelle and Liam confront stalker Nick who drops a bombshell and reveals that their sons were swapped at birth! Michelle is horrified by the suggestion and runs out of the house. Steve comforts Michelle, who is terrified that Ryan may not be her real son.

Sarah changes her tactics and starts being nice to David in front of Stephen and Gail, who fall for her act, but David wonders what she’s up to. Sarah then subtly implies to Gail that David is having mood swings and may be on drugs and Gail is concerned when she later sees a giggling David exiting Darryl’s shed.

Liam finds out that Tony gave the workforce the afternoon off just so Carla could go to lunch and he is furious. But it seems that he is angrier about Tony’s relationship with Carla than the running of the factory.

Also, Dan’s plans for an evening in with Abi are ruined when he finds dad Harry in the flat, who has been thrown out of home by his wife.