Michelle takes her broken new shoes back to the shop ,but when they refuse to give her a refund without a receipt, she stages a sit-in, informing the public of their bad service.

PC Louis Bevan arrives and tries to calm Michelle, but when she knocks over a display, he takes her to the police station. Louis is sympathetic to Michelle who breaks down over work pressure, and he lets her go.

Later, Louis arrives at The Mill with a credit note from the shop, and asks her out. Michelle accepts and a huge grin spreads across her face.

Rob is refusing to let Immie go to Italy with Heston. Karen, however, takes matters into her own hands and tells Heston that Immie can go, and tells a thrilled Immie to get packing – just don’t tell dad!

Daniel and Zara spend the afternoon together, but when she rejects his offer of dinner Daniel is hurt. Jimmi makes him question if he wants more from Zara.

Also, Julia gets caught in the middle of two warring divorce lawyers, who up their game when they realise they have husband and wife as clients.

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