Michelle moves out!

*Hour-long Episode*

When Amy overhears Michelle telling Steve they need to talk but it’s difficult with her around, she becomes upset. When Tracy sees her crying she accuses Steve and Michelle of making Amy feel unwanted. Later, Michelle finds Amy at the bus stop and persuades her to come home but, sick of all the fighting, Michelle decides she’s leaving.

Sean dumps Billy after he bailed on their lunch and, no longer able to deny it, Billy tells Sean that his brother is a drug addict and, ashamed of all the lies he’s told, tells Sean he deserves better. Later, Billy calls at No 11 and confesses to Todd that he’s fallen for him.

Nick and Leanne meet for lunch in the bistro, where Nick knocks back the wine and causes a scene. Robert begs Leanne to get him under control, but Leanne points out Nick’s every right to be angry at the way Robert’s treated him.           

Sally’s horrified to find her conservatory swimming in ale, but Sophie cunningly suggests she should buy a summer house then Tim could use it for his brewing and she could get one up on Yasmeen. Marion asks Billy to conduct Callum’s funeral. Kevin, Anna, Izzy and Gary enjoy a day out at the Red Rec.