Michelle finds out from Violet that Steve has lost a bet on golf to Paul and she takes Steve down to the golf club. Steve is astonished when Michelle shows him the trophy cabinet, full of awards in Paul’s name. Steve realise he’s been conned and Paul is really a champion golfer, but he’s pleased that Michelle has ratted on her brother to help him. Michelle admits that she cares about him and the couple move in for a kiss…

Deirdre is miserable after her run-in with Denise and Blanche points out in her usual helpful manner that Deirdre has pushed Ken into Denise’s hands. Ken, meanwhile, moves out of the house and tells Deirdre that he won’t be speaking to her again until she’s calmed down and made her apologies to Denise.

Fiz and the Battersbys head off to see Chesney’s school musical and Fiz uses the opportunity to spend time chatting to Chesney’s teacher Mr Stape. Maria notices the pair’s apparent closeness and worries for her brother Kirk.

Also, Leanne has another date with Liam; Violet gets a second date with Gary.