The factory girls haven’t been paid and Carla’s forced to admit she has cashflow problems. She urges them to get on with the Dunbar order, but when the staff complain Carla fires them! Over at Frank’s factory he asks Sally to meet with the machinists and offer them jobs.

Meanwhile, Michelle and Ciaran arrive back on the street to break news of their engagement and are stunned to discover the mess Carla’s in. As she opens up to Michelle, Carla insists she needs to be free of Frank and she can only see one way out – to drop the charges.

Chesney‘s in turmoil after refusing to organise John’s funeral for Fiz and when he hears Rosie’s done an interview about John he explodes. Witnessing his outburst Owen steps in and tells Chesney he’s the man of the house now and must be there for Fiz.

When Faye opens a letter revealing final confirmation her adoption’s gone through and she’s now officially a Windass she’s over the moon. But when she goes to tell Anna the good news she’s stunned to see her canoodling with Owen.

Also, Sophie and Sian buy engagement rings. As they show them off to Amber she pulls Sophie to one side, asking if she’s sure about this.