Michelle reunites a family

Backpacker Amanda turns up at the Campus desperate to find her parents Derek and Jean Furst, after finding a ‘For Sale’ sign outside their house. Michelle agrees to help and calls Jean, who tells her not to give Amanda their address, saying they’ll be touch. When Amanda protests and chains herself to the leaflet rack, Michelle is forced to pay a visit to her parents.

The Fursts tell Michelle that Amanda is a clingy daughter, who has drained them of their savings, but agree to return to the Campus with Michelle. When Jean tells Amanda there isn’t room for her at their home, Amanda collapses and is diagnosed with a mild case of hepatitis. Once she’s better, Amanda does find a place of her own – but will Daddy pay the deposit?

Cherry’s excited about moving in with Scott but when she’s begins to decorate the house with her pink belongings, Scott makes a discrete exit. When Scott takes issue with Cherry’s duvet and she reacts in disgust to an old plate of food under the bed, Simon tells Cherry she needs to relax a bit. Later, Cherry’s over the moon when Scott says he loves her.