After Paul admits Michelle is at her apartment, Paige turns up to find it filled with stolen goods. Michelle admits the whole thing is a set-up and makes a call to the police, reporting suspicious activity at the flat, along with the mobile phone, containing all the addresses of the robbed houses.

When Terese learns Lauren has nominated her Erinsborough Women In Business Award (EWIB), she wonders if it was done out of guilt. Instead, Lauren admits she wants to mend the bridge between them as they share a grandchild. Meanwhile, Brad confides in Josh that he still wants to be with Lauren, who urges him to give it a shot… as long as Brad is upfront with Terese.

Also, Karl wins a night at Lassiters with all the trimmings and Paul is amused to discover he’s on-selling all the perks of his luxury suite. Daniel decides to do the right thing by Quill and delivers a bill for all the items to the Kennedys. Now Karl must scramble to get back everything he sold.