Michelle’s secret explodes!

At Sylvie's party in the Vic, Michelle’s secret affair with Preston looks set to be uncovered...

Michelle struggles to cope with the pressure of her actions the previous week. Seeing Preston with Bex, it gets too much for her. Jealous of their closeness, Michelle tells a surprised Martin to watch Preston around Bex. Martin gives Bex a gentle warning about Preston, telling her to be careful she doesn’t get hurt. Much to Michelle’s devastation, Preston later announces that he and Bex are officially a couple…

Meanwhile, with Tina stressing about a visit from social services to talk about Sylvie’s care, Whitney suggests throwing a Sixties-themed party for Sylvie to do something nice for her. When Bex is asked to sing at the party at the Vic, she’s happy to help out.

As the Sixties night in The Vic gets underway, it’s soon clear that Michelle’s secret affair with Preston is set to explode! Who reveals the truth and will Michelle cope?

Also, Kush and Denise get close when Denise is forced to cancel the community meeting, but they’re interrupted by Carmel before anything can happen.