Michelle secretly meets Alex again

Michelle gets a phone call from Alex and he says that he wants to meet up with her. She’s terrified that he will turn up at the pub and arranges to meet him in a coffee shop, but she wonders whether she’s doing the right thing. When Steve calls her while she’s waiting for Alex she gets up to leave and is confronted by a confused Alex.

Jason is upset that Sarah is refusing to speak to him until he apologises for not moving to Italy with her. Becky suggests that Jason gives as good as he gets and stops trying to call her. Jason is still hopeful that he can sort things out with Sarah when she returns for Maria’s wedding, but he’s gutted when Maria reveals that Sarah won’t be coming. Jason has another argument with Sarah over the phone and Becky tries to comfort him.

Lauren turns up at the kebab shop to see if new squeeze Darryl fancies a cosy night in at his shed. Darryl is confused as Lauren practically ignored him the previous night at the pub and he’s not sure where he stands, but he can’t resist her offer!

Also, Kevin decides to build bridges with Rosie.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Michelle protests to Alex that she does want to see him, but things are a little difficult for her. Alex reveals to Michelle that his home life is lousy as Nick and Wendy are always fighting. Michelle tells Alex that his real father died in a car crash, but she promises to let him see a photo of Dean and she encourages him to call her again. Michelle feels bad about betraying Ryan and buys him a computer game on the way home.

Jason is grateful that Becky talked him into going out for a drink and he starts to relax. When David insults Becky, Jason defends her and suggests that they go back to his. The pair share a bottle of wine and when Sarah rings Jason’s phone, Becky rejects the call. Jason and Becky play-fight over the phone and he hesitantly moves in for a kiss.

David turns up at the Rovers with Tina and they join Lauren and Darryl. But their fun is soon cut short when they are caught downing shots and they are chucked out for underage drinking.

Also, Sally and Sophie are irritated when Kevin takes Rosie out for some father-daughter bonding.