Michelle sees the incriminating photo

*First episode*

Michelle happily informs Carla and Liam how good her love life is with Steve. Meanwhile, Lloyd and Eileen decide to go to the Rovers and wind up Steve over the holiday photographs. They bribe Steve to give them free drinks in return for not showing Michelle the photos, but Michelle is suspicious when Lloyd hides one of them in his pocket. When he hands it over she sees it is Steve and Shania together.

Casey comes down the stairs in Claire’s dressing gown and tells Ashley that she has promised Josh a trip to the museum. On their way she introduces herself to Audrey who is suspicious towards her, but Ashley later explains that Casey is just a friend who is helping out. Audrey is still concerned and asks Kevin and Becky whether they think she is worrying too much about Casey.

Also, David smartens himself up when Mel has her hair cut in the salon, Rosie impresses Liam in the factory with her telephone manner and Jason panics when he forgets to book the wedding photographer.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Steve tells Michelle he didn’t sleep with Shania because he was thinking of her and admits he was an idiot. To his relief, Michelle concedes that it would be a shame to throw everything away over a drunken kiss. Happily back at work she tells Lloyd that Steve was completely honest about his holiday, but Lloyd’s surprised reaction drops Steve in it again. Will Michelle find out the whole truth about Shania?

Ashley apologises to Audrey for being short with her, but she is surprised when Casey opens the Peacock’s door wearing Claire’s apron. Kevin calls to see him for a drink, but Ashley tells him he wants to stay with Joshua. He confides in Casey that he is worried people will be talking but she reminds him she is only helping out.

When Mel agrees to go out for a drink with David, Sarah teases him about his clothes but he gets his own back by telling her he thinks Jason doesn’t want to marry her.

Also, Carla tells Rosie that there will always be a job for her at the factory but Sally tells Kevin she thinks Rosie is becoming bedazzled by Carla.