In the police interview room Carla’s asked to explain why her prints are on the whiskey bottle and why the contract she signed is missing. Carla admits she took the bottle off Peter the night Frank was killed, but left it at the factory. The police search the bookies flat for the missing contract. Finding no trace of it and without concrete proof Carla’s released on bail.

Meanwhile, at the factory Anne fumes as Michelle calls the girls in and takes control, claiming that with no contract Carla still owns 60 per cent of the business. When Carla then walks in Anne’s disgusted and demands to know where the contract is. A row breaks out and Michelle’s forced to guide Carla away – the contract’s safe and she knows who has it!

Paul agrees to talk to Dr Matt about residential care for Lesley, but when Lesley responds to looking at old photos of their wedding, Paul’s heart soars. Eileen worries he’s clinging to false hope.

As Rita makes plans for her engagement party she’s put out when Karl reveals he’s had to increase the price for catering. Angry, she cancels the party. Noting her disappointment Dennis takes matters into his own hands.

Also, Kylie’s furious when Brian confiscates the contents of Max’s unhealthy lunchbox.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Michelle reveals that she was incensed by the way Frank double-crossed Carla so she stole the contract. Realising this puts Michelle at the scene of the crime Carla assures her the police won’t find out if she destroys the contract. But as Carla sets fire to the paperwork Peter walks in. Carla breaks down as she realises Peter suspects her too. She’s convinced the police are trying to pin this on her. Promising he won’t let that happen Peter decides to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, the police come calling for Kevin when it’s revealed the brakes on Frank’s car were faulty.

Rita’s overwhelmed as Dennis surprises her with an engagement party at the Bistro. Rita’s full of the joys, but Audrey’s distracted. As she watches Lewis collect his wages and prepare to leave Weatherfield, Rita urges her to ignore other people’s view of Lewis and follow her heart. Sneaking out Audrey goes after Lewis.

Believing that if he spends more time with Lesley he can help her, Paul tells Eileen he’s switching to nightshifts to care for Lesley. Eileen’s dubious, but agrees.

Also, Simon kicks off when Peter comes to collect him from the pub, wanting to spend more time with Leanne.