Michelle takes revenge on Steve

Michelle tells Carla about Lloyd’s confession but says that she plans to make Steve sweat and see just how far he will go with his little charade. Steve takes Michelle to the jewellery shop to choose an engagement ring and to Steve’s horror she picks one of the most expensive rings in the shop. Steve proposes again, with the ring this time, and is stunned when Michelle refuses and reveals that she knows he lied about the night he went AWOL.

Molly is doing a good job of running the household and Jack tells Tyrone that he has one in a million. Tyrone proudly agrees and confides in Jack and Dev that he wants to ask her to marry him. Tyrone is touched when Jack offers him Vera’s engagement ring. Meanwhile, Molly bumps into her Aunty Pam in the Rovers, trying to flog knock-off goods!

Rosie is enjoying her new-found power at Underworld and in a bid to ingratiate herself with the girls she has a word with Tony about reinstating Sean. Tony wants to keep Rosie sweet and he tells her he values her input and will consider it!

Also, Dev hopes for a game of golf with Tony, but is stuck with loser Vernon instead!