Michelle gets a phone call from Preston’s mum, who is desperately trying to find him. After denying all knowledge of his whereabouts, a panicky Michelle confronts Preston, insisting he needs to leave sooner rather than later! Things get even worse for Michelle when she finds out that Tim has cleared out their joint account, while Dennis asks why Preston’s mum was calling! Realising how stressed Michelle is having him around, Preston agrees to leave Walford. They can’t resist each other, however, and get passionate in the living room. Will anyone see?

Shirley knows that Mick is at breaking point and she turns to Ben and Kathy for help. When Mick refuses to take Ben’s money, Shirley finds another way to put it to good use…

Martin is called into the school to talk to the head teacher about Bex. Finding out that Martin is due to come in, Madison and Alexandra warn Bex not to mention their names. At the meeting, an angry Martin insists that something is done about the recent problems. Bex is alarmed when she realises the police will be involved.

Also, Ian admits to Steven he’s worried about his test results.