Michelle tells Steve she’s pregnant in Corrie

Will Michelle's announcement force Steve come clean about his fling with Leanne in Corrie?

Steve admits to Michelle he doesn’t want a baby and, utterly devastated, Michelle reveals she’s pregnant. She confides in a stunned Liz that she wishes Steve had been honest from the outset as now it’s too late. Later, Steve apologises to Michelle, but will he come clean about his fling with Leanne?

Leanne tells Nick she’s only going to Liverpool for a week or two and she’s consumed with guilt when he offers to look after Simon while she’s away. Putting the ball in his court, Leanne has a difficult choice for Simon…

When Eva tries to interest Aidan in more properties, he flips and storms out. He confronts Maria and is relived when she assures him the pregnancy test was for a mate. Aidan calls at Eva’s flat and apologises, but will she forgive him?

Elsewhere, Alya suggests Rana should invite her parents to the anniversary party. Gary suggests he and Izzy should continue to live together as friends.