Michelle is avoiding Ruth like the plague but Heston insists the pair should talk. Ruth is delighted when Michelle suggests that go and feed the ducks at lunchtime but Ruth is taken aback when Michelle reveals that she’ll never be able to stand being near her and convinces Ruth that, with another job, she could start afresh.

Back at The Mill, Ruth is composing herself in the toilets when Zara comes in and asks what’s wrong. Minutes later, Zara marches into the staff room and admonishes Michelle for being so insensitive to Ruth. When Zara asks Ruth if she really wants to leave, Ruth defiantly tells Michelle that The Mill is all she has and Michelle is annoyed that her plan hasn’t worked.

Also, Heston takes dance lessons to impress Lily at the upcoming dinner-dance. At the class, Heston diagnoses a pregnancy which threatens a dance partnership. Can Heston keep the dancers together – personally and professionally?

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