Will Michelle find out about Leanne and Steve?

Leanne panics and hides Michelle's phone when she see a text from Steve...

When Michelle’s phone beeps, Leanne sees the incoming text is from Nick and hides the phone. But when Michelle’s phone rings, Leanne is forced to hand it over. Will Michelle discover the truth?

At Eva’s insistence, Sean phones the hotel back and rebooks Todd’s room. Having arrived at the hotel, Billy suggests they head straight upstairs. But when Todd makes an ill-judged joke about Billy’s religion, Billy backs off. Frustrated, Todd blurts out something he’ll come to regret…

Tim tells Craig how he let Faye down when she was a baby and how everyone deserves a second chance. Craig takes his words on board and asks Sally if she could have a word with Beth.

Sarah demands to know if Gary’s been coming on to Bethany and she finally admits she’s being bullied. Caz starts to have feelings for Maria.