Michelle warns Zara to watch out for Ruth

Michelle sees Ruth compliment Zara on her clothes, and confides in Jimmi that she thinks Ruth is copying Zara, like she did her. Jimmi disagrees but says he’ll keep his eyes peeled. When Ruth discovers that Zara has been viewing a website on early menopause, Zara threatens that if Ruth tells anyone she will make sure she loses her job. But Ruth swears her lips are sealed.

Later, Michelle warns Zara about Ruth’s previous behaviour but Zara says she isn’t worried: she knows about Ruth’s past and is aware of the symptoms, should Ruth suffer a setback. Michelle tells Zara not to come running to her when Ruth’s ruined her life, too.

News of Jimmi’s new job at the radio station spreads through The Mill like wildfire and while Daniel and Heston say that he only got the gig because the producer is Welsh, Simon offers some well-meaning but useless advice.

Also, Karen helps a 14-year-old boy to win a battle against both his school bully AND his online gaming nemesis.

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