Michelle is terrified when Ryan runs into the pub and shakily reveals that his stalker addressed him by name. Liam races outside to confront the man but he’s too late catch him. Michelle is beside herself with worry and desperate to know who the stalker is – and what he wants with Ryan.

Sarah apologises to Jason for not believing him about Becky and the text messages but he’s angry at her lack of trust and refuses to be sweet-talked. Gail comforts Sarah but when David walks in, Sarah explodes. A frustrated Gail tells Sarah that it’s impossible having the two of them under the same roof and she suggests that Sarah and Jason move out. Sarah is horrified.

Steve is shocked when Jim turns up at the cab office with no shoes after his suitcase was stolen at the hostel. Steve feels guilty that Jim is too skint to move out off the hostel and he toys with the idea of giving him a job. Steve suggests to Lloyd that they employ Jim as a valet and Lloyd warily agrees.

Also, Paul confesses to Jack that he took out a loan in Jack’s name but he promises to repay it.