Michelle tries to lift Chris out of his mood. She assures him that his body is healing and he becomes optimistic. Colonel Barker visits him and tells him he’s arranged a phone call between Chris and his sergeant in Bastian, however, Chris strangely refuses the call. Michelle doesn’t stand for it and pushes his wheelchair into the room where the phone call is. Reluctantly, Chris takes the call but as soon as Jess is mentioned, he chokes and dismisses the phone.

Michelle wheels Chris to outside Jess’s room and she tells him she’s awake. Chris claims it’s great news but hurriedly wheels himself away. Michelle is left bemused.

Immie keeps texting someone who turns out to be Heston! They flick through art books together and when he discovers Immie has never been to an art gallery, Heston insists that she goes to one. He is delighted when a nervous Immie asks him to go with her.

Also, it’s Karen’s first day as a Health Care Assistant at The Mill and she’s out to impress, however, undermining Cherry and accusing a patient of lying is not the best way to start.

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