Michelle’s dad pays her a surprise visit (VIDEO)

As Michelle and Steve prepare to make the most of their first night alone at the flat, Michelle’s stunned to find her dad on the doorstep. She’s even more surprised when Barry asks if he can stay for a few nights and wonders what’s behind his unexpected visit.

It’s tense at No. 8 as Kylie, Gail and David each worry privately about what Nick remembers, tripping over themselves in a bid not to let anything slip. As David goes to sit with Nick, while Leanne manages a big Bistro booking, he’s a bag of nerves. But when Nick reaches out for his hand David’s flooded with relief. Meanwhile struggling with her guilt, Kylie decides to tell David the truth about her night with Nick. Aghast, Gail tries to convince her to keep quiet.

In pursuit of Phelan’s debt, Owen and Gary return to his house. When it appears there’s nobody in Owen decides to break in through a bedroom window and see what valuables he can take. He soon spots a set of vehicle keys, but when Phelan arrives home Owen is caught in the act.

Also, Rita encourages Julie to go for fostering; Faye’s relieved when it seems a hot and cold blowing Grace want to be friends with her again.