Michelle and Steve are at odds with each other after Alex’s shock appearance at the wedding and matters are made worse when Alex turns up at the pub and demands to see his mum. Alex apologises to Michelle for gatecrashing the wedding and he hands her a present. Michelle is touched, but she insists that his unplanned visits must stop.

Alex is hurt by Michelle’s words and a guilty Michelle sits him down and fills him in on some family history. Ryan walks in on them chatting and he’s furious that Alex has intruded into his life yet again. Nick turns up to collect Alex. Steve is adamant that Michelle set Alex some rules, but Michelle wonders whether she’ll be able to turn away her own son.

Roy is torn about whether or not to visit Hayley in Africa, as he’s worried about leaving the cafe and flat, as well as being terrified of flying! Becky reassures Roy that she will take good care of the cafe and she points out he should put Hayley first. Roy is finally persuaded when Ken offers to give Becky a hand with Roy’s Rolls.

Also, Vernon draws up an elaborate plan for the pub refurbishment.