Mick bans Dean from the funeral

Linda says she needs to speak to Dean alone, forcing a reluctant Shirley and Buster to leave the room. Demanding Dean face up to what he’s done, Linda almost gets an admission from him, but they’re interrupted by Mick. Furious to see Dean, Mick insists that although Shirley is welcome at the funeral, Dean is banned. Shirley finds herself stuck between her sons once again. The Carters head to the crematorium for the funeral where Tina gives a moving eulogy, although Shirley is nowhere to be seen. After the service, the Carters return to the Vic for the wake to find Shirley, Buster and Dean drinking champagne.

The Brannings prepare for Jim’s funeral, with Carol meeting with the Reverend. Unable to deal with the pressure, Carol opts not to do a eulogy. As the family prepare to pay their respects they’re stunned when Dot arrives.

Ronnie has a visit from Roxy and Matthew, but sends Roxy to Jim’s funeral to support Dot. After Roxy leaves, Vincent turns up to see Ronnie. Back in the Square, despite trying to resist Charlie, Roxy shares another tender moment with him.

Also, Billy struggles to deal with two Albert Square funerals on the same day.