Will Mick Carter risk standing up to villain Aidan Maguire?

Mick is desperate to get rid of the drug dealing at the Vic, but that means going against Aidan and it could put him in a dangerous situation.

Mick and the Carters are at the end of their tether with the drug dealing going on in the Vic. Mick takes the dealer to task, but the dealer passes on a menacing threat from Aidan. Frustrated, Mick arranges to speak to Aidan directly. Aidan tells Mick in no uncertain terms that he’s to leave well alone. Will Mick listen to him or risk danger by being defiant?

Mel is confused the alarm in the club mysteriously goes off again and she walks around the building to investigate. She soon gets the creepy feeling that she’s not alone in the club. Jack drops by and helps Mel out with the alarm, despite her insistence that she can deal with it. After realising that the alarm isn’t faulty, they suspect that someone else is there…

Karen is determined to stop Bernadette hanging around with Ted so she can play chess. She enlists Bex and Tiff’s help to encourage Bernadette to spend time with kids her own age. Bernadette won’t be thwarted, however, and she talks Tiff into helping her sneak off to join Ted for another match!

Also, Stacey finds a letter from Martin’s solicitor but he insists it was sent by mistake.