Mick Carter waits for the hitman! Will he really have Aidan Maguire killed?

Mick Carter finds the number for the hitman and invites him to the Vic to talk but will he really go as far as having Aidan killed?

Mick is at breaking point after his latest run in with Aidan and it brings him to the desperate conclusion that he’ll have to have him taken out after all. When he can’t find the number of the hitman that Mel gave to him, he admits to Linda what’s going on. She is horrified and Mick back tracks, instead turning to Phil, who suggests that Mick and the Carters leave town permanently. Determined not to give in, Mick has a meeting with Vincent, asking him whether he wants to join forces with him to get rid of Aidan. Vincent is then questioned by him on why he was talking to Mick. Will he confess?

Linda finds the missing number for the hitman and it leaves the family in a dilemma. Linda is seriously doubtful about going ahead with the hit, but when she finds out that he’s has threatened her kids, she tells Mick to go ahead with it. As Mick waits for the hitman to arrive, Linda listens in. The hitman asks Mick if this is what he really wants. What will he decide?

Honey jumps to help out Billy when she sees he’s been punched. Left hopeful by Honey’s concern over his injuries, Billy asks Honey if he can see the kids. Janet comes to visit and Billy struggles, later admitting to Jay that Aidan was the one who hit him. Frustrated, Jay storms over to Phil’s and tells him he needs to sort out Aidan – now! Phil agrees to talk to him and tries to reason with him. He soon backs down when Aidan reminds him that they’re like brothers. Meanwhile, Sharon has gone looking for the box that Aidan gave to Keanu to hide in the coffin but it’s gone missing from the safe. After meeting Aidan, Phil takes out the box and looks at it. Is he planning something?