Mick Carter in danger! Mick Carter confronts Aidan Maguire at the Vic

Mick Carter wants to get rid of Aidan once and for all but will his plan to stand up to the villainous Aidan backfire badly?

Mick’s plan to stand up to Aidan intensifies the war between them. Mick does all he can to get rid of Aidan once and for all. When Aidan digs his heels in and won’t back down, it brings the pair to crisis point. With everything at stake – including lives – who will come out on top?

Meanwhile, Masood is horrified when he discovers the house is full of cards for Mariam, as he assumes that he’s forgotten her birthday! Not wanting to get in trouble, he heads out to buy him a car and finds himself at the Mitchells’ house. But has Masood made a mistake about Mariam?