Mick disowns Nancy!

Nancy tries to stay positive, arranging an Easter Egg Hunt in the Square for Ollie’s homecoming. After bringing Ollie back home, an anxious Mick questions Linda, asking her if she thinks he’s changed. Angry with Mick’s negativity, Linda insists he’s fine. Fearful that Linda is in denial, Mick visits Honey and Billy for some advice. Honey opens up about how she felt when she discovered Janet had Down’s Syndrome.

Returning to the Vic with Honey, Mick confronts Linda, telling her they need to accept that Ollie may have changed. Angry, Linda tells Honey to go. Mick snaps, storming downstairs and throwing everyone out of the pub. While Linda realises that Mick might be right about Ollie, Mick tells a devastated Nancy that it’s all her fault and he’ll never forgive her…

Martin arranges a gathering to announce that he and Stacey are getting married. When the atmosphere is uncomfortable, Martin makes his announcement in a bid to lighten the mood. With Bex making a snide comment, an awkward Kush leaves the table. After Martin admits to Sonia that he’s not sure he can be friends with Kush again, Sonia arranges for Kush to go to the Easter Egg Hunt with Martin and Stacey in a bid to bring them together.

Also, Honey agrees to let Phil stay as long as he doesn’t drink.