Mick Carter helps a distressed Aidan after he’s mugged!

Mick goes to Aidan’s aid after he is mugged for his phone and pushed to the ground but will Aidan have an ulterior motive in getting to know Mick?

Mick is in the Square when he sees Aidan being mugged. After the culprit runs off, he invites Aidan into the pub to recover. They pair soon bond and when Aidan hints at his shady past, Mick is intrigued. Aidan is equally intrigued by Mick and suggests to Phil that Mick could help them out on their job…

Karen gets a call from the school to ask why Riley and Chatham aren’t going on the school trip. Unwilling to confess that she can’t afford it, she is defensive. Bernadette knows the boys will be badly disappointed if they can’t go and she resolves to earn the money to pay for them. After helping Martin out on the stall, Bernadette also gets a paper round. But will she make enough cash in time?