Mick leaves the motel

And nearly gets beaten up by Ben!

Ben is alarmed when he hears screams from inside the house. He runs in and, as soon as Olivia reveals Mick’s identity and that he’s a rapist, Ben chucks him out. Olivia’s in a state of panic as the word gets out about Mick’s return and the fact that Irene has gone missing. Finally, Irene turns up and Ash, Leah and others are livid when they find out that Irene helped Mick stay in Summer Bay by paying for his motel room. Can anyone convince Mick to leave and can they keep him away from Luc?

Mason arrives home with Justin after buying a new suit for Beth’s funeral. Justin tells Tori that he’s worried about their little brother as he’s in a world of his own. As Mason gets ready for the funeral, he sees a blue bird sitting on his on his window ledge and thinks he hears Beth’s voice, but it’s Justin telling him it’s time to leave. Will Mason pull himself together to attend the service?

Finally, Maggie and Ziggy have a heart to heart – but will Maggie be able to forgive her daughter for her past actions?