Mick and the Carters are in shock over the cost of the repairs to the Vic and feel like that it might be all over. Fi plays the concerned boss, insisting there’s nothing she can do to help them out. Trying to figure out how they can come up with the cash, the Carters are stumped. Until Whitney suggests they pay in instalments. Sure that Grafton Hill will agree, Linda arranges to talk to the company on Friday.

Max is feeling guilty about his recent actions. But he has to push his conscience to one side as Fi pressures him to get information out of Carmel. Sweet-talking Carmel, Max convinces her to help him out by getting some insider information from the council. He reveals that he wants access to some sealed bids.

Later, Max backtracks when he tells Carmel he doesn’t need her help anymore. But what is really behind his change of heart?

Also, Shakil tries to think of a birthday present for Bex.