Mick’s concern for Linda grows when he realises she’s still not sleeping. A tired and edgy Linda insists she’s just feeling guilty about hitting Dexter. Alarmed when Mick insists she goes to the doctor, to prove a point Linda asks Nancy to invite Dexter for dinner, saying she’d like to apologise. But things go wrong and she freaks out, breaking the table. To calm Linda, Mick runs a bath with some lavender bath bubbles. When Linda is violently sick, Mick says he knows what’s up – she must be pregnant…

Max calls Keeble about Lauren’s stalker, only to learn from Keeble that the person who has been following Lauren has been ‘dealt with’. When Emma meets up with Bryant she’s shocked to learn that Keeble told him to watch the Brannings. Rattled when Keeble tells Emma to stay away from Max, as she doesn’t know enough about him, Emma tells Max she needs some space. Max tries to persuade her otherwise.

Dot tells Nick to leave, but he claims he’s skint and needs what’s owed to him. Dot and Yvonne say they’ll get him the cash as long as he stays out of sight. When Charlie tells Dot that Fatboy will have to move out to protect their secret, she’s forced to agree, heartbroken when Fatboy is devastated.