Mickey and Terry run into trouble

When the officers learn that three men have kidnapped David Gould to rob his family’s jewellery business, Goulds, CO19 burst into the shop to find David shot and his brother Howard bound and gagged. Howard tells DI Neil Manson more about the robbery – but Neil starts to think it’s an inside job.

Neil’s suspicions are confirmed when he discovers that Howard is in debt. It then transpires that Howard was assaulted before the robbery by a man, Carl Fraser, who’s arrested when a rucksack full of jewellery is found at his home. But Carl insists he had nothing to do with the robbery and says the jewellery isn’t from Goulds.

Later, DCs Mickey Webb and Terry Perkins identify two other suspects in the robbery as father and son duo, Pete and Steven Wallace. After locating the Wallaces’ BMW, Mickey and Terry also discover the stolen jewellery. But their triumph is short-lived when they are stopped by Steven who holds a gun to their heads…

Also, Monica Dreyfuss turns up at Sun Hill demanding to see DS Phil Hunter, and he becomes her knight in shining armour.

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