The Parkers panic when they hear that Mickey has gone missing, oblivious to the fact that he is hiding out at Number 30. Callum feels guilty for keeping Mickey a secret from his worried family and spills his secret – but is it too late? Meanwhile, Bridget is shocked to hear from Riley, but her relief turns to anxiety when she wonders how she can persuade her parents to agree to let her travel to Sydney to see him.

Ringo suddenly realises that something was not quite right with Carmella and forces his way in to the house. He turns the gas off, grabs Chloe and wakes up Carmella before getting them all outside. Carmella later tries to repay the favour by comforting Ringo over his low IQ test results.

Libby is certain that Dan’s begun a dirty tricks campaign against her to win the school job. In fact, Dan hasn’t, but he is still openly challenging Lucas in the battle for Libby’s heart, much to her annoyance.

Also, Declan tries to apologise to Bridget but she is unimpressed at his first attempt, so he ends up making it up to her with a grand gesture.