Mickey reveals he’s going to New York

When Mickey reveals he’s going to New York with his Mum and Dad, Lou and Callum are upset to be losing their friend. Callum comes up with a plan to force him to stay, but finally realises how important it is for Mickey to be back with his parents.

Ringo discovers that Declan has grown up and is becoming a responsible dad when he insists on putting the needs of his daughter ahead of their friendship.

Libby is thrilled that the IVF process has been reinstated. However, she soon discovers that there is yet another setback when Susan reveals that Paul’s refusal to pull the article about the hospital protest could still derail the process.

Drawing on the family’s support, Libby decides to forge on, as Elle berates Paul for undermining her authority at the paper – yet again.  Paul finally relents and buries the story, but is shocked to hear that Elle has had enough and is determined to quit Erinsborough News.