*Hour-long episode*

Mick is taken into custody for trying to pick up prostitutes when Rainie refuses to get him off the hook. When Mick’s released, he confronts Ian, who is forced to reveal that he was with Rainie the night Lucy died. Claiming it will affect the appeal, Ian begs Mick not to say anything. Mick confesses to Linda about his arrest. Cora overhears and encourages Linda to go to the court to support him.

Stacey insists to a dismayed Jean and Kat that she wants to serve her time. Kat leaves Jean to look after Tommy and Lily as she and Alfie head to the Vic, but an unstable Jean dumps the kids on Shirley. Finding Jean in the allotments, Kat reassures Jean, who’s worried about being a good nan to Lily.

Back at the house, Jean collapses and Kat rushes her to hospital. Stacey is escorted by prison officers to see her. Stacey feels guilty when Kat reveals that Jean isn’t coping. Meanwhile, Alfie loses his pitch at the market permanently after another run- in with Aleks. At the hospital, Kat’s waters break!

Also, Stan encourages Dean to go after his crush, not realising it’s Linda.