Mick’s surprise stag do!

Lee surprises Mick with a huge party in The Vic for his stag do. With Dean still reeling from the events of Christmas Day, however, things soon go downhill. When Dean turns up and causes a scene, a drunk Lee takes a swing at him, prompting Mick to step in and punch Dean. After Dean leaves, Shirley is worried about his mood, heading over to check on him. She is horrified when she finds Dean attacking Roxy…

Whitney confides in Mick that things are over between her and Lee. Trying to comfort Whitney, Mick promises to help them get through the difficult times.

Billy has some Dutch courage to finally propose to Honey, who is delighted by the proposal and happily accepts. Meanwhile, Alfie asks Kat why she left Spain and she reveals that she misses Walford.

Also, as the Mitchells reel from the events of Christmas Day, Phil struggles to come to terms with his diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver.