Eco-warrior Mika steps up her campaign to make Waterloo Road ‘go green’ by climbing one of the threatened trees on the site of the new training centre. Tom’s incensed, and as Mika tells him to get lost, her internet eco-guru, Leon, and his cronies smash the classroom windows. An irate Tom bumps into Davina, but he gets annoyed by her casual attitude to what’s going on. Still up the tree, Mika lashes out when Tom tries to climb it, but when he falls, an hysterical Mika says she’s sorry. Later, Tom tells Mika and Chlo that he wants to spend more time with them – and freezes Davina out. Elsewhere, headmistress Rachel begs Eddie to stay but when he says he can’t get over the blackmail, Rachel says she’ll call the authorities. Eddie is relieved – but is Rachel being completely honest with him? And, having decided she wants Donte back, Chlo tries to make him jealous by going on a date with Dikran.