Mike and Zoe Kiss!

Mike and Zoe share a kiss. Unbeknown to them, Lydia is watching and when Zoe breaks away from him, Lydia makes her presence known. She acts concerned for Mike as Zoe leaves. Later, Lydia approaches Amy at The Loft, where Sasha’s offered her a job. She tells her what she saw, and that Zoe is going to get her comeuppance.

Leila assumes that Anita has lost her virginity. When Anita finally tells the truth, Leila is annoyed. Anita explains to Theresa that she finally felt she was being treated as an equal. Theresa encourages her to find an older man, and they think they have found the perfect person in Dave.

Myra is going all out for Christmas. When Carmel finds out, she warns her mum not to fiddle the electricity to pay for the lights; after all she has a reputation to uphold as the local PCSO. Later, she tells Dominic to rearrange his decorations or face prosecution.

Also; Carmel returns to Il Gnosh and finds Dominic spray painting the patio. She issues him with a fine. Dominic’s fuming when he sees Theresa doing the same thing at Evissa. Wanting to appear fair Carmel also issues Theresa with a fine. Later, Carmel’s shocked to hear Dominic will soon be a PCSO.

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