Mike comes to Ste’s rescue

During a meal out with the girls, Amy hints that she’s finding it tricky coping with the hardships of living with Ste. Later, Sarah and Mike are surprised when Ste’s stepdad Terry pays them a visit. They take Terry to see Ste but are shocked when he attacks his stepson and Mike has to pull him away.

Zoe is shocked as Darren loses £10,000 on the horses while Frankie is near hysterical when Newt goes missing. Meanwhile, Darren and Newt open up to each other at the park, with Darren confessing that he actually lost £20,000, and orders Newt not to tell.

Jake is frustrated at his lack of success on the job front and scoffs at Nancy’s suggestion for him to take more shifts at The Dog, annoyed that she appears to have so little faith in him. Feeling increasingly like a useless househusband, he’s later thrilled when he’s offered a job.

Steph is left a bundle of nerves after Jake mocks her aspirations as an actress as she prepares to audition for a health and safety video. And she is left questioning herself when he expresses doubts about her ability to look after Tom.