Convinced Josh isn’t good enough for Amy, nosy Mike reads Amy’s diary, and his worst fears appear to be confirmed when he jumps to the conclusion that Josh and Amy are having sex. Furious, he marches into school and drags a mortified Amy off to the doctor’s to put her on the pill. But after a chat with Amy, the doctor attempts to reassure Mike that he’s got nothing to worry about, but Mike refuses to let up and gives Amy an ultimatum…

Warren is smitten with Louise following their night of passion. So he isn’t too happy when Calvin turns up determined to win Louise back and is forced to leave Louise and Calvin alone to talk things through when he’s called over to the Loft. And Calvin tries every trick in the book to talk Louise round, leaving her with a tough decision to make.

Enterprising OB and Max try and come up with some hot new entrepreneurial schemes but Max is unimpressed with OB’s idea to melt down the dodgy Easter eggs to make chocolate bunnies. But they’re both surprised when little Tom takes it upon himself to shed some light on exactly what’s gone wrong for OB and Max.

*Screened on TV3, Tuesday April 24*