Mike lashes out at Ste

While distraught Amy tries to deal with the consequences of Ste’s violent outburst, Ste is repulsed with himself for hitting Amy and upset when she rejects his calls. Elsewhere, Mike storms round to the flat to collect all Amy’s things, but when Ste pushes him one step too far, Mike snaps and lashes out.

Darren’s lie about Jack’s death is still weighing on him heavily and Frankie is forced to throw herself into the business. Unhappy with Darren for leaving her to cope while they’re in mourning, Frankie tells him to leave as soon as they’ve had the reading of Jack’s will. Unable to cope with the knowledge that Jack’s still alive, Darren decides to reveal all to Frankie but is left feeling even more guilty when he breaks down in Frankie’s arms.

With Steph preoccupied and Cindy more interested in flirting with Russ, Mandy struggles to keep Mobs running without Max. She doesn’t even notice that Malachy is turning on the charm, and turns him down when he asks her out on a date.

Also, over a drink, Tina tells Russ she feels trapped and is considering a career in teaching to take her mind off baby Max. Russ encourages her to go for it.

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