Mike punches Josh…

Mike is still playing the protective dad, but when Amy overhears him voice his concerns to Sarah, she freaks out. But she’s reassured when Josh tells her that their families will never break them up. Later, she invites Josh round, and they end up getting drunk after sampling Mike’s home-brewed wine. But when Mike discovers them, he completely loses his temper and gets into a nasty scuffle with Josh.

Having put Justin up at his, Warren attempts to teach him a few life lessons in The Dog. Leo tries to warn Justin about hanging around with Warren, but Justin ignores him, sure that he can trust Warren. Later, Darren decides he’s had enough of Warren, Justin and Leo’s bickering and chucks them out of The Dog.

Elsewhere, Max and OB are gutted when Tony puts an end to their patio parties at Il Gnosh, worried that his restaurant is about to turn into a youth club. Max is convinced there’s no shifting Tony, but OB is confident he can change Tony’s mind, and hands out flyers around Hollyoaks Comp. This prompts a bunch of schoolkids to lay siege to II Gnosh – but will Tony give in to Max and OB’s demands?

*Screened on TV3, Thursday April 26*