Mike punches Ste

Mike is furious when he finds Ste fast asleep and Lucas on the loose at Abi and Daniel’s and he takes his grandson. Ste panics when he wakes to find Lucas gone but Daniel stops him phoning the police. Ste finds Lucas with Mike and they argue and Mike punches Ste. Mike is gutted when Ste says that he can say goodbye to spending time with Lucas from now on and Daniel is smug.

Calvin feels guilty about Malachy’s accident and in desperation to make Spencer stay away from the building site he tells him that Malachy’s HIV makes him dangerous to be around. Meanwhile, Malachy insists on going to work despite his injury and he hides his pain when he lifts heavy bags of cement. Spencer blurts out Calvin’s warning to Malachy, who is hurt, but he assures him that Calvin is mistaken.

Cheryl tries to look after Spencer and is annoyed when he slips out to see Calvin. Spencer coughs a sweet out onto Cheryl’s bum while she’s trying to change a light bulb and when he goes to retrieve it she accuses him of pinching her bum! Cheryl wants to charm Calvin and decides to make him dinner. Spencer is unimpressed and has a tantrum in Drive ‘N’ Buy.

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