Mike wants Kathy out!

Mike tells Zoe he has every faith in his marriage. But a hysterical Kathy interrupts his pledge by throwing Zoe’s underwear across the village and calling her a harlot. She refuses to listen as Zoe and Mike deny having an affair. As Mike’s patience is tested to the limit, he announces that Kathy should leave the family home. But will Amy and Sarah agree?

Meanwhile, still reeling from last night’s argument with Ste, Amy is alarmed when she walks right into the middle of another row. Fed up, she ends up shutting the door in Ste’s face when he asks for a another chance.

Michaela is still determined to get her man and vows to show Kieron what he’s missing, much to John-Paul’s amusement. When Michaela tries to wow Kieron with her religious knowledge, Myra wonders where her daughter is going to stop.

Elliot is pleased when an agitated Kris tells him that his boss thinks the pirates are more popular than him. He also reveals he is under pressure to nail the pirates or his show will be axed, leaving Elliot secretly overjoyed. But although John-Paul is pleased to dent Kris’ ego, he tells Elliot he’s longer interested in carrying on the pirates’ show.