Rachel can’t find anything physically wrong with Miles, but he’s hardly relieved as it suggests he’s imagining Rabbit. Ignoring Rabbit’s protestations, Miles meets Michael. If Rabbit is a ghost he’ll still see her, but if she’s a figment of his imagination he needs treatment. Michael tells Miles he’ll need drug therapy, and Miles isn’t happy, but he takes his first dose. He and Rabbit wait to see what effects it will have.

Liam arrives at the Farm and finds Martha upset. She sends him packing and phones in sick to work. Alf visits Martha and it all pours out – she’s lonely and constantly missing Hugo. Her buried grief has resurfaced. Alf comforts her, uneasy in the knowledge that Hugo is still alive.

Leah gives VJ the tape Vinnie made for him on his first birthday, but is concerned when VJ obsessively replays it. Leah feels bad that she waited so long to tell him the truth, as does Elijah. Elijah thinks that VJ and Leah both need some closure and offers to take them to Vinnie’s burial site. Leah is hesitant, but when VJ is enthusiastic she agrees.

Also, Xavier and Gina talk about life after Hugo, and finally start to bond again.

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